Sunday, 14 December 2014



has occurred in my life!

Somehow, somewhere, I have pressed a wrong button.  It seems that I have deleted, apparently irrecoverably, all of the pictures that were once attached to my blogs. This is pretty drastic to me at the present time, as I search for answers as to how to recover the situation.

I also know that serious problems are occurring in many parts of the world at this festive time of the year and I am well aware that many people are losing their lives or existing in desperate situations and circumstances, so I really do understand that my problems are relatively minor.

I will, however,  attempt to rebuild or maybe even start again, but in the meantime this is why parts of my site is like it is.

'And at night along the highway, in the evening dark and chill,
I saw the lights of Melton from the top of Burton Hill'

( From: 'Lowesby Hall' - William Bromley Davenport, 1853)

Picture courtesy of the Francis Frith Collection.

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