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Autumn Fruits From the Orchard

My good friend and neighbour Tom Craig maintains a half an acre of land at Harby in the north of Leicestershire, a project that he regards as his hobby.  One of his particularly favourite ventures is the development over the last ten years of a small orchard in which he increases his stock of fruit trees each season. As the Summer days now recede into Autumn his carefully nurtured trees have once more produced their precious end of year product; he brought me round a few samples to try the other day and all were delicious.

I enclose photographs of just six varieties of his apples and pears; a small sample of his years produce.  All were very delicious - with more to follow I hope!

Local Blots in the Countryside.

Whilst out in the countryside near to my home seeking a new picture to adorn my front page, I found it really sad that there are people who can defile and pollute the wonderful little byways where people love to walk, especially in the Springtime when everything is commencing its new productions for the coming year.  The landowners who allow us to wander freely about their land, do so with the hope - and expectation - that as they keep things tidy, so will the people who come to visit... (finish later!)

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