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MEMORIALS OF A GREAT MELTON FAMILY. 1793-1933 THE HOUSE Relating to the life and times of one of the most iconic of Melton’s Lodges, ’ The House’ , which once stood in Sherrard Street and could be said to epitomise the life and times of a great period in the colourful history of the old market town of Melton Mowbray. REMEMBERING JOSIAH GILL (1874-1933) Yet another valued son of old Melton Mowbray who is now almost lost - or forgotten -   in the mists of time was Josiah Gill, the son of a farmer of the same name who owned and worked his land in the very small village of Holwell, just to the north of the town.   A first-born child to the former Mary Ann Gilson of Twyford, he was soon to be one of seven siblings, but at the age of 26 years Josiah, articulate and well schooled locally as a child entered college as a student of pharmacy in London and as expected, he qualified as a dispensing chemist.   Returning to Melton at the end of this training, he se