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A Little Local Mystery. bizarre little local story of Victorian times which has concerned me for a long time now, has recently reappeared in my searchings but I am still to discover a true and full picture of the events of the time. The little I do know is very tiny indeed, thus frustrating, so I pass my evidence on in the hope that somebody out there might wish to put me out of my misery. My personal knowledge of the event commences on a day when I was searching the Redmile Parish burial records register and came across the following three entries which were dated August 19th 1853:                Elizabeth Healy 22 years            Sarah Healy 10 years            Rebecca Frances Healy 14years At the bottom of that page was annotated the disquieting footnote:        ‘The remains of these, my children, were brought from Scalford for re-burial at Redmile.            (Signed) Rev. Healy’ -  Aug 19 th  1853. All I have been able to discover of the matter was th