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WILLIAM LATHAM Esq. (1800-1887)

ARTIST, SOLICITOR AND LOCAL POLITICIAN. Now retired from my many years employed as a police officer I am aware that I was once in the envious position of being able to explore places in locations where many others might have feared to tread, as the presence of a police officer wandering around old ruins and lost relics was mostly welcomed by those charged with looking after them. This grace and favour situation was closed for me in retirement but the arrival of the Internet and the desperately useful logistics and tools of cyberspace has made my research so much easier. It is with this in mind that I would like to pay homage to a man - whom I never met - who has aided me more than any other. Never more than a few feet away from me whenever I am writing or seeking inspiration, lies my well-thumbed copy of Jack Brownlow’s iconic historical reference, ‘Melton Mowbray Queen of the Shires’,  which he apparently began to compile as early as 1967 an which was eventually published i