Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Simon Johnson and Peter Burrows at Craven Court,
 PHOTO: Tim Williams (Melton Times)

A year has already passed since I last waxed lyrically about the ongoing rescue and timely regeneration of Craven Lodge, the beautiful old house on Burton Road which was pretty well consigned to the fate of the demolition gang only two or three years ago. Thank goodness for the foresight of developer Peter Burrows of Rochford Homes who was to arrive from out of town equipped with the required will and business acumen to confront and eventually rebuff all complaints of and obstructions by, a combination of 'angry local residents' who were ably supported by a stuffy and 'apprehensive' Council committee, to heroically rescue this historic jewel of the town for future generations to admire. As I have previously stated, I live as close to this building as anyone else in the town and have always supported the project with a passion. Now, as the months have passed by, venture to ask the opinion of those who now live opposite this grand pile and you will almost certainly receive a 99% satisfaction response - we are in fact very proud of our new landmark which has emerged from the undergrowth of half a century of neglect to enhance the whole area. (I know who the one-percent are and I wish them luck with their house move!)