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A HIATUS AT THE HALL A century and a half ago, the summer of 1856 was reportedly an extremely good one in Melton Mowbray with dry and extended spells of languorous days and nights, a situation which was I am sure very much appreciated by the hard-working people of that town.  But the long warm days of that high summer were to be rudely interrupted by a series of dark events which would create grounds for grim anxiety amongst many of its inhabitants and perhaps even amusement for others.  Whilst an alleged murderer awaited trial for the vicious slaying of two people in the town and a local businessman was shot in the chest by a crazed young solicitor's clerk, members of the local high society were having domestic problems of their own in the form of an acrimonious domestic dispute in the nearby village of Goadby Marwood which would ensure that the town's magistrates were adequately engaged.   In its Saturday edition of August 30th, 1856, the Leicester Chronicle publish


A LONG LIFES WORK  ================== The below poignant epitaph has been left for us on a tombstone locally; likely forgotten and definitely sadly abandoned now for many years, it stands in a badly neglected former non-conformists' cemetery in the ancient part of Melton Mowbray, propped against a boundary wall;  wherever lie the human remains to which it refers and once stood over, I have no idea. IN AFFECTIONATE   REMEMBRANCE OF   ————— JULIANA Born May 6th, died September 27th, 1843. FREDERICK Born September 21st, 1844, died May 25th, 1846. ARTHUR Born November 2nd, 1845, died January 11th, 1846. MARY Born December 8th, 1846, died May 25th, 1847. JULIA Born December 16th, died March 10th, 1848. FREDERICK Born January 28th, died October 6th, 1849. SARAH ELIZABETH Born January 22nd, died July 31st, 1850. MARY JANE Born March 7th, died August 31st, 1851. LOUISA Born May 22nd, died October 15th,


MEMORIALS OF A GREAT MELTON FAMILY. 1793-1933 THE HOUSE Relating to the life and times of one of the most iconic of Melton’s Lodges, ’ The House’ , which once stood in Sherrard Street and could be said to epitomise the life and times of a great period in the colourful history of the old market town of Melton Mowbray. REMEMBERING JOSIAH GILL (1874-1933) Yet another valued son of old Melton Mowbray who is now almost lost - or forgotten -   in the mists of time was Josiah Gill, the son of a farmer of the same name who owned and worked his land in the very small village of Holwell, just to the north of the town.   A first-born child to the former Mary Ann Gilson of Twyford, he was soon to be one of seven siblings, but at the age of 26 years Josiah, articulate and well schooled locally as a child entered college as a student of pharmacy in London and as expected, he qualified as a dispensing chemist.   Returning to Melton at the end of this training, he se