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Rootling Around the Old Town Circa 1820 - spot the two windmills! Whilst indulging in my very favourite habit of searching the columns of old newspapers - some from as long ago as 200 years, I occasionally venture upon an article or other piece of writing which just jumps off the page to grab my attention.  Such was the case quite recently when, whilst perusing the pages of the once widely distributed and popular Saturday publication known as ' The Graphic, '  (1839-1932) I came across the following short piece by their hunting correspondent whom I can only identify as 'C. H.' As is recognised far and wide the small market town of Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire is long famous for its introduction to the world of pork-pies and Stilton cheese, but before this time the area was to create great celebrity and recognition as the venue for the origins of fox-hunting.  It is generally accepted that in the 1750's Leicestershire man Hugo Meynell was de