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"I wanted to raise a few quid ..." (This is a copy of a recent round-robin e-mail from my nephew Jamie Berry of Sheffield - with my red ink superimposed.) 'Hi all, I’m doing a spot of fundraising for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Eliza Megan Berry My daughter Eliza was born in September with a cataract in her right eye. We were referred to the Eye Department at the Sheffield Children's Hospital and they acted quickly to operate to successfully remove the lens from her eye at five weeks to save the sight in the eye. We have to patch her other eye to encourage sight and have had to learn how to insert a contact lens. With the Children's Hospitals support, the sight in the eye is really improving and is showing encouraging signs that she might end up with reasonable vision in the eye. I wanted to raise a few quid to say thanks to the Eye Department at Sheffield Children's Hospital for everything they've done for us and to


When the harvest is in ... In 1896, at the end of yet another old English summer, the people of Melton Mowbray were invited to witness a grand fancy dress cycle parade.  A local paper published this little filler:- O n Saturday evening a fancy illuminated cycle parade took place.  Mr. G. Johnson, secretary of the Melton Mowbray Cycle Club, and Mr. H. Plant were the chief inaugurators of the event, which eclipsed all others of the kind which have taken place in this town.  Decorated conveyances were lent by several tradespeople, and one of the chief objects of attraction was an infirmary cot with a doctor and nurse in charge of a patient.  The other notable characters were a donkey tandem and two-in-hand goat chaise, the personification of Li Hung Chan.  The procession started from the Leicester-road Bridge about 7.30, and paraded the principal streets of the town, which were lined with people.  The proceeds amounted to about £13, which will be devoted to the joint benefit of the